radio new zealand, mediawatch and kakapo feathers

Mediawatch is one of my favourite radio progammes. Each week the Mediawatch team weighs up the media coverage of the stories and the issues rasied.

What’s even better is that its available on podcasts if I’m away … check it out on

A couple of weeks ago it looked at the mixed messages from the media about the current economic crisis – and why some journalists believe the media are only making things worse, and just how silly was the ‘silly season’?   

Also heard and of interest to me, on my favourite station, Radio NZ National was a Swiss-born scientist Anna Gsell, and who is a biology researcher at Massey University’s Institute for Natural Sciences in Albany. Her work involves investigating the area of the brain related to smell. Continuing her work on kakapo feather scent and how it affects mating and breeding, she is lead researcher on the team who will be the first in the world to dissect the brain of the endangered native parrot (a 100-year-old kakapo which died of natural causes at Auckland Zoo late last year).

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