how green is my internet? not very it seems!

Reading the full article of this was an OMG moment!  It seems the internet is not at all green! if you are in NZ and don’t get the Listener, search out this copy and read it! Or subscribe online of course

(for example – the daily google searches – about 235 million  of them – produce 47 tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere)

Perhaps I wont feel so guilty about air travel now.

by Sarah Barnett

Reading the news online v reading it printed on dead trees.

The full text of this column appeared in the NZ Listener (June 6-12 2009).

If all the world’s a stage, the internet raised the curtain – and then jammed the playbill with hard-core peep-shows, but never mind. In the more civilised parts of cyberspace, the services that have connected teens the world over – so they can type, like, “OMG LOL” at each other – have also proved a godsend (or should that be Gore-send?) for environmentalists.

No need to fly to a conference when you can video-conference or catch it on YouTube. Entire rallies are organised, paper-free, through social networking sites. Given up flying? The kids can chat to their grandparents on Skype.

A future world in which communities are self-sufficient and perhaps more isolated is made more palatable if we know that connecting internationally is still possible. It’s just easier – physically and emotionally – to be green on the internet. Or is it?

The full text will be available online on 27/06/2009.
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