how to behave in the air – do you need reminding?


+  If you are asked to board in groups, there’s a reason.  It is called efficiency.  Cutting in line to get on the aircraft before your group is summoned will simply delay take-off.  Indeed, this form of aircraft entry is designed so that there are not people blocking you as you try to get to your assigned seat and they try to get their carry-on luggage situated by standing in the aisles.

+  Do your best to stow your bags in the bins above your assigned seats.  If you can’t, secure a bin within reaching distance.  This is helpful not only if you need something from up above during the flight, but also after the plane has landed and you are allowed to reclaim your carry-on and deplane.  In both instances, you are apt to cause the least amount of commotion if you are easily able to grab your bag out of a bin.plane overhead

+  Keep your laptop underneath the seat in front of you, for your protection as well as for the protection of the people sharing your overhead bin.  Since items tend to tumble around a bit while stowed up above, expect some fallout some of the time when the bin is opened. That said, the last thing you or your fellow passenger needs is to be knocked on the head by a flying computer.  The same goes for bottles of wine or pieces of heavy glass.

+  If you are toting any of the items mentioned above (computers, wine bottles, etc.), do not book a bulkhead seat (a seat that faces a wall) because those particular seats do not have any seat in front of them and therefore they have no under seat storage capabilities.  By default, those passengers occupying bulkhead seats must stow everything in the overhead bins.

+  If you are physically able to help someone struggling to get their bag up above in the overhead bins, do so without hesitation.  Likewise, if you need help with your load because you are not strong enough to get it up above by yourself, ask nicely if someone can help you, whether that be a flight attendant or a fellow passenger.

+  At the beginning of a flight is a good time to gab but when the lights are lowered after your meal, remember that some people like to take that opportunity to sleep or to watch a movie.  If need be, keep your talking to a minimum and whisper if you must keep the conversation going.

web passport etc+  If you are one of those people yearning to sleep in peace while up in the air, consider purchasing a pair of headphones that reduces noise.  Bose offers this product and so does Pro-Tech, with their NoiseBuster ( The latter is my choice since, at least for me, the quality is as good as the Bose alternative and yet the NoiseBuster is much less expensive.

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