Top tips for choosing & enjoying a campervan

Thanks to Backpacker for sending me these tips … only 12 more sleeps till I go campervaning !

I have a Wanderer booked with them

Once you’ve decided your destination, plan your travel route and choose the pick-up and drop-off locations that suit you. You have the option of a vehicle pick up and drop off at the same location or, if you want to keep your travel plans flexible, you can pick up from one location and drop off at another

  1. Where you can, plan ahead and book your trip early to avoid disappointment. Bookings are particularly heavy during peak travel periods so either book early or travel during an off peak period
  2. It’s really important to ensure you hire the right sized campervan to accommodate all your friends and family. Backpacker has 5 different models to choose from and staff are happy to assist you in choosing the model that best suits your needs
  3. Choose a campervan that suits your budget. With Backpacker campervans, you only pay for what you need, giving you the flexibility to pay for as much or as little as you want
  4. Decide what facilities you need and choose the campervan that meets your needs. A Backpacker Campervan is your ‘home on wheels’, and includes features such as gas stove, fridge and microwave and in most models, toilet and shower. With everything you need in the one campervan, you won’t find yourself making midnight trips to the toilet and queuing for the shower in the morning
  5. Are you taking kids?  Backpacker staff will be able to show you all the safety features such as safety barriers for top bunks and where baby and booster seats can be fitted. Do any of your kids require car seats? Not all campervans can accommodate all types of child restraint equipment. So, make sure you check when you book that your type of seats will fit. If you need to order car seats, Backpacker has a range of booster and baby seats available. These should be requested when you make your booking to ensure seats can be made available at the time of your trip
  6. Familiarise yourself with your vehicle and ask questions on pick up during your show through.  When using the campervan for a long period of time, it is important to feel totally comfortable operating and living in the vehicle. If you come across something you’re not sure about, there is a manual in each campervan with simple tips to ensure you have a stress-free holiday
  7. Pack outdoor furniture (you can hire picnic tables and chairs from Backpacker and they are included in the Backpacker Bonus Pack). And, don’t forget a torch and batteries, map, swimming gear and fuel discount receipts
  8. Ensure that you only take what you need – no over packing! The campervan space needs to be inhabitable at all times. It’s not like loading up the car and unloading after the drive

10.  Do a full supermarket shop after you have picked up the campervan.  You will find supermarkets located near all Backpacker branches. This will enable you to avoid eating out the entire holiday and ensures you always have a steady supply of snacks on hand wherever you are

11.  Work out the route you plan to take to your destination around ‘campervan’ convenient places to stop for lunch, breaks and activities. Plan your travelling distances each day carefully. Make sure you schedule a 15 minute break for every two hours travelled. And, don’t forget to stop and rest when tired

12.  Get on the road and settle at camp sites as early as possible. You don’t want to be unpacking in the dark.

13.  Finally, make the most of your time! Campervan trips are a great way for families and friends to see the country, enjoy each others’ company and make long-lasting memories

More  to follow as or after I have had my one-week holiday

Author: Heather - the kiwi travel writer

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