the beatles, abby road, and me!

This balcony has much history attached to it: I believe Queen Elizabeth 2nd waved to her subjects from here as have many other people.  But,  more important for you to know is … drum roll please … it is from this very balcony, Clarendon Hotel,  in June 1964, here in Christchurch, New Zealand, THE BEATLES WAVED TO ME .. yes me, Heather the kiwitravelwriter, not anyone else – especially the group that had a sign saying they didn’t like the Beatles!  Perhaps we need a plaque there to announce this historic event. ( Back then I was Heather, student nurse!) Read about their trip here

And Abby Road? Do you know that the studio they used – right by the pedestrian crossing that was used on one of their album covers – has just been granted a protective covenant so it can’t be demolished.  Read more here

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3 thoughts on “the beatles, abby road, and me!”

  1. Fantastic, we are so glad you appreciate the Clarendon balcony and the associated history. The newly refurbished lobby interior has been themed out with the history of the hotels (built 1852 & 1903) that stood on the site. Sadly we do not have any photos of The Beatles standing on the balcony in June 1964. As you were there you, or others, may have some photos. Please feel free to contact us. Enjoy your travels and thanks for posting the photo of the Clarendon and the suggestion of a plaque.


    1. thanks for your response … have you contacted the Press to check their records, and also the the libray has a lot on their website re chch history . try them . i didnt have a camera on that auspicous day!


  2. That is so cool, gave me a chuckle 😀
    Student nurse!? Can’t imagine you in sensible white shoes, following the rules…


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