Catapulting donkeys – I must be in Italy

Travel writing comes in many forms, from letters and postcards to blogs, travel guides, stories and home movies: here is another one – a DVD for you to get ideas for your trip; as a prompter for memories of past trips, or as armchair travel.

This DVD has stories of catapulting donkeys, cheese, fashion, polenta and lakes, so, it must be scenes of Italy that we are viewing.  Seems the donkeys were used as weapons in village warfare ..  as I recall from the DVD, between Sienna and another town.

One of a series of “Best of Europe” from Questar, this one, ‘Beautiful Italy’ is great for all who want to know more of the Italian way of life and top tourist tips – the best trip for all travel being “don’t even try to cram it all in” as someone says in this travel title.

Despite Vita Sackville-West saying “travel is the most private of pleasures. There is no greater bore than the travel bore. We do not in the least want to hear what he has seen in Hong-Kong” I do like to hear what others have seen or felt – and I suspect many of us do or we wouldn’t buy travel books, or sign up for travel blogs on the numbers we do.

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Others in the series are of Greece and Germany – these all have 2 discs, in Blu-ray and DVD.

Author: Heather - the kiwi travel writer

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