Clocks in the inner city, Christchurch New Zealand

Clock on the old post office building ... now the Christchurch i-site centre

Are you a Christchurch local?

If so, did you know the chimes in the Post Office clock tower – in Cathedral Square –  were silenced in 1930 because of complaints from guests in the now-demolished United Services Hotel?

Built in 1879 with stone from local quarries, 30-metre tower is beautifully proportioned – the clock a replica of London’s Big Ben.

Victoria Clock tower .. no-one wanted it!

A few blocks away, is the Victoria Street Clock tower, its leadlight glass and gold paint looking as if it has always been there: and incidentally, one I can see from my kitchen window. However it has been built and demolished as often as a jigsaw. Ordered in England in 1860 it was put together to see how it looked, taken down and the clock ‘borrowed’ for use elsewhere. The councillors did not like its design so it lay in the grounds of the Provincial Government when the provinces were abolished.

Finally, given to the City Council in 1879 they too only wanted the clock and it was stored until 1897 when it was erected – to mark Queen Victorias 60th Jubilee – in the triangle of High, Manchester, and Lichfield streets. Finally, it was dismantled again and re-erected on its present site in 1929. (Corner Montreal, Salisbury and Victoria Streets)

And other one, the Edmonds Clock Tower overlooks the poplar-lined river on the corner of Madras and Chester St. and it was given to the city in 1929 to celebrate 50 years of living in Christchurch by the Edmonds family: this clock has two clock faces and is built with volcanic rock.

Surely the most solid phone box ever - beside the Edmonds Clock

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