Earthquake & Good News

There is a lot of good news with the earthquake that needs saying as its very easy for us locals (and the media) to be all doom and gloom ‘when bad things happen’.

Here are just a few good news points:

  • no-one was killed
  • there were very few major injuries
  • the city supported each other
  • the day was sunny
  • twitter & facebook friends around the world contacted us with support
  • the emergency response teams and their plans worked well
  • the rumours of looting were mostly just that – rumours!
  • that most of the city didn’t lose power or water
  • that those who did lose power have mostly had it restored
  • that an inner-city supermarket stayed open
  • that most of the damage is of facades on old brick buildings
  • its sad that some of our treasured places are ‘ruined’ but I suspect many will be restored
  • although our strong  ‘nor’wester’ is due today could cause some damage to weakened buildings – it’s a warm wind
  • aftershocks are scary but survival-able
  • I have power and water … and coffee
  • that it’s spring as this flower photo taken today attests

So, well done to our emergency workers (my father was a fireman and I’m aware how selfless and  dedicated he was and I’m sure most of today’s workers are the same), and to the the city council men and women, the nurses, civil defence, and everyone who has helped a neighbour. May karma shine on you all.

Here are few photos taken about 7:30am.

TV3 sets up

a friends car

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