Lessons we locals have learnt after the Christchurch earthquake

While it’s fresh in out minds, lets create a list of survival lessons we’ve learnt: add yours to the comments below (or e-mail, twitter, or FB me and I’ll add them, anonymously of you want)

The day the clock stopped 4th September 2010

  • fill containers with water as soon as the shaking stops and we are safe – after all it’s not contaminated then.  I know others did this but I hadn’t considered it

The following  are tips sent to me . . .

  • A 13-yr old demonstrated her good sense  to her family – she read the Civil Defence pages in the local phone book – the best local advice
  • Judith wrote “Preferably have your arms around someone so you can shake together!”
  • Karla sent these  next four: I learned not to keep my emergency torch on the top of the fridge, as it shook down in the quake and i couldn’t find it in the dark. It is now sitting by the door with my keys, where it can’t fall.
  • I learned that the radio is a godsend. Thank God for radio announcers.
  • I learned that it is ok to be nervy and scared in the days following, and that people all process things differently. It passes. Don’t feel guilty over how you feel. It is OK to feel that way.
  • I also learned ( I knew this before but had it re-confirmed) that the friends in my life today are amazingly good, caring people, and that I have wonderful neighbours.
  • Jax wrote: ” PRAY! That’s what kept me calm!”

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