List of top birding sites in Gujarat, India


With a remarkable diversity of habitat Gujarat is home to, or a stopping off place, for some 350 species of birds.

After a trip to the Global Bird Watchers’ Conference ( November 2010) in Jamnagar, Gujarat. India, here are my top picks – in no particular order.

The new picture book ‘Birds of Khijadiya’ says there are 257 species here, and with brackish, sea, and fresh water  within its 600 ha, it certainly provides a diversity of conditions for both resident birds and the migrants along the Indo-Asian Fly-way.

'Call me' said Bharat, president of Porbander Bird Conservation Society

Created in 1988, this sanctuary is in the city of Porbandar ( which also birthplace of Gandhi) This is a popular destination for local ornithologists with both resident, nesting  and migratory birds. Contact local bird-man / photographer Bharat Rughani   for more info.

Always picturesque!

Only  40 kms north-west of Ahmedabad this lake was created in 1912 and covers about 7 sq. kms  visiting here with birders –

Irish birders - Chris & Doris - at Thol

Doris and Chris Murphy who highly recommended this spot, especially in winter when the migratory birds are here.

Short-eared owl (I believe!)

On  a bird migration route and near the Gulf of Kutch, this sanctuary provides an important feeding, breeding and roosting habitat for about 70,000-75,000 birds who nest in the 250 acres.  On the list as a possible UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a remarkable and unique landscape  that becomes a  coastal wetland for about a month after the annual monsoon  rains.

I used JN Rao Travel for my travel arrangements. For more info see their website and of course the official Gujarat Tourism site.

NOTE: When I was visiting the Little Rann  area I stayed at Desert Courses, Camp Zainabad – where there where about 50 or 60 different birds just around the camp – so a perfect spot for birders!

Clamydotis macqueenii on edge of the Rann. Photo by Fritz Mueller

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