Christchurch quake: surviving – tips and help


Christchurch Art gallery -- now Civil Defence headquarters

Need tips and help to survive a quake? Having lived through the Sept 4th, 2010 Christchurch quake, but now living in the New Zealand capital, Wellington, I have some degree of so-called ‘survivor guilt’ now there has been another major quake there – in the middle of the day. (22nd February 2011)

So, with the goal of helping people, even though I’m not in my home city, here are two links – from our Ministry of Health – to help you survive no matter what disaster area you may be in:

Coping with Stress

Coping with Stress 2

Some other helpful advice I remember from my time last year:

  • like on a plane with the oxygen mask – help yourself then help others . think city, act in your street
  • don’t use the toilets or have showers/baths … this puts too much stress on damaged drains and water pipes
  • boil any water you hadn’t stored for such an emergency
  • If you leave your house, turn of the mains electricity
  • And, if you leave the city, make sure friends know .. and leave your fresh food for neighbours
  • Don’t use mobile phones except for text messages – power and phone towers are down so keep the airwaves free for emergency use by those trapped. Absolutely don’t send photos by phones .. the mobile system is many people’s lifeline .. don’t deny them the chance to be saved!
  • Keep in touch by Twitter, Facebook and other social networks – post you are ok so others know and will not keep trying to ring you

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