World wide concern after Christchurch earthquake & aftershock

World-wide people are concerned about and for my home city Christchurch after the September 4th earthquake and it’s devastating February aftershock on 22nd February 2011 Of course concern and ‘sending good thoughts’ are important, but even more important is the need for cash to help the homeless, the now unemployed, the traumatised, and to rebuild the city, including schools. Money is also need to reconnect electricity, phones, sewage and rebuild roads.

Looking down from my balcony to grow from Here

One of my inner-city, Wellington, neighbours – Grow from Here –  a little green  oasis  in the Cuba Street area on the city  is having an old-fashioned bring and buy, see more here . . .

“Bring and buy stall raising funds for the Redcross _ Christchurch
Obviously there is a lot going on to help Christchurch this weekend but this is something a little different, and nice 🙂 There is going to be a little “Bring and Buy” stall selling cakes etc, Real Groovy have donated some vinyl, Aeon have donated some vintage clothes, Martha’s Pantry high tea vouchers, more info to come!! Everyone can participate! Bring baking and any other items people might like to buy. [more]

At the other end of the scale, Mr Key, the NZ Prime Minister has launched the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, a global fundraiser for the recovery effort. Donations for this will be accepted at

Donations can also be made to the Red Cross online or via the GrabOne website or, as the Red Cross site has been crashing.

Fore more information see Christchurch earthquake: How you can help

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