Buildings to be demolished along with historic & personal memories


A door in the Provincial Chambers - now destroyed

Many Christchurch buildings are to be demolished – along with historic & personal memories. I have just spent a few days in the city I was born in, educated in, and spent most of my life in, and although it was sad to see many buildings either down, damaged or already demolished because of the earthquakes, I was also reassured that much of the inner city will remain.


However, two days after I returned to my new city, NZ’s high quake-risk capital Wellington, the list of buildings that are to be demolished was announced! (see the list here) Now I’m sad again and although this is not the place, I realise I need to write about my reactions to the quakes from the first one in September 2010 – when I clutched my mattress to stop being thrown out of bed  while still vain enough to be worrying about being found naked in the rubble!

In the meantime, before I write that story, and before I put up some photos from last week (stupidly, carelessly, I left my camera in Christchurch – insha’alla or god-willing – and the efficiency of New Zealand post,  it will arrive home tomorrow.

In-the-meantime, here is a photo of St Paul’s Trinity Pacific Church – diagonally opposite the CTV building where so many died – and where I sang in the choir and was married there.  My father (Hector Campbell) learnt to work with stained glass and spent many hours and days repairing the old glass windows there. He was also part of the committee that decided to demolish the bell-tower because it was a quake risk: he later regretted that decision and wished that they had found the money to restore it.

This picture shows the scaffolding that surrounded the church at the time of the quake. It had been badly damaged by fire – in 2009.

The silver, pointed piece, is the top of the lowered bell tower

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