Want to help post-quake Christchurch?

Botanic gardens – Christchurch, New Zealand

People who want to help rebuilding of Christchurch should consider booking a stay in the region, says Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism boss Tim Hunter. He said it’s important for the city’s economy that the region continues to attract out-of-town visitors and that people should feel welcome to spend time exploring the area.

“Every day another business re-opens and we take another small step towards recovery. It is certainly not business as usual, by any stretch of the imagination, but there are still plenty of places available for people to stay, to eat out, and to enjoy themselves.

“There’s an area within the central business district that is still off-limits to the public because of quake damage, but outside of that area most of our visitor attractions are open and certainly in the wider Canterbury region everything is operating as normal.

“One of the most tangible ways people can help Christchurch as its move into the recovery phase is by supporting local businesses and tourist operators. They’re the life blood of our community and our economy and we need them to survive if we are to get back on our feet. That’s why we’re making no bones about the fact that we want visitors to come here. We can’t offer as broad a selection of places to dine or to stay as we could prior to February 22 but there are still some fabulous places to eat out and great accommodation options available in the
city and beyond.’’

For more ideas about
what to see and do in Canterbury go to www.christchurchnz.com

Author: Heather - the kiwi travel writer

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