New Zealand’s national day … the birth of our nation

Waitangi Day was fabulous  – the only problem, how to spread myself around all that was happening! I never saw the protest march and didn’t see a lot of what was happening in and on Te Tii Marae, or the at the Waitangi Treaty grounds, Its like there are four of five major happenings all at the same time: I was concentrated on the canoes from Taiamai!
Like other things I have been seeing and doing here in Northland, that too will be a big story or two (or three!) and for now you will have to just wait while i digest it and let the story come.

What I  (stupidly) didn’t expect, was to find that the Marae I was welcomed onto was of course able to whakapapa (genealogy) back to my husbands parents, grandparents and ancestors. It’s been 29-years since my husband died, in Christchurch,  and was buried up here – and it felt good to be welcomed as family.  Here are few photos ( I took over 900 today) from the past 24-hours and once again, more will follow.

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