Read, travel, and inspire

Enjoying the Wellington waterfront

I’ve just found (or rather they found me!) way to ignite your travel life, make a difference, and  have fun – and for you to read, travel and be inspired by other women.

So many women’s travel pages feed on fear and concentrate on protection of our bodies and gear that if we followed them all we would never travel – of if we did, it would be with one eye over our shoulder always.  Unfortunately this means we miss out  on what’s happening now, right now which is the only safe and exciting place to live.

When I travel I rarely blog as I go; I’m too busy enjoying the place I’m at. I also rarely email home – my friends and family are happy to wait to get the whole story, not a blow-by-blow account of the back street I got lost in or the amazing meal I had at ABC. Others of course love to tweet and travel and isn’t it great that we are all different while being the same.

So if you want some good info about places around the world (Including my home city Wellington where “women in Wellington seem happier, more confident and just plain fabulous”  Worldette is the place to start– so,see you on their pages, and while you’re there, download their 45 page guide and see their philosophy about women and travel.

Author: Heather - the kiwi travel writer

Nomadic travel-writer, photographer, author & blogger. See more on and Amazon for my books (heather hapeta)