Kuching … sorry to say goodbye

What do you call a city whose name means cat, but is not named after a cat? A city that has two mayors with the same powers, wages and responsibilities and who can carry out them differently ; who has a pedestrian mall called India Street but very few Indian shops on it …  well I call it wonderful.

This city, the capital of Sarawak, East Malaysia, Borneo, is beguiling and it’s easy to see why people stay longer than they planned – just as I have.


The waterfront has wind and solar panels to light the many lights along its length and across the river, the Astana is lit up like a Christmas tree – day and night locals and tourists promanarde it’s length, junks, water taxis, and  a large tourist boat give people either passage home across the water or  river level view of the city.


They also make wonderful layered cakes that are sought after by all Malaysians when they visist from West, or penunsula, Malaysia, taking them home as gifts for friends or family. I will write a blog or article about this Sarawakian  skill, and now tradition, when  I return to New Zealand


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