A rare bad review

As my followers know, I rarely give bad review but today I will.

Against my better judgment, but having only seen one hornbill in Borneo, I decided to visit a “zoological & botanical garden” in Bintulu, Sarawak as brochures say they have a walk-through aviary, and one says a walk-through hornbill aviary. (Not the facilities flyer in that case) so my expectations were high for a photo. And you know what expectations do … set you up for disappointment.

There was no walk through aviary: it was announced as a walk through “aviary” which led through some bush and trees: using their criteria, the world is an aviary which of course it’s patently not.

The setting is lovely; the plants are great, but I was upset at the conditions for all the creatures there. Maybe I’m over reacting but my concerns were.

The birds of prey did not seem to have enough room
The crocodiles could not lie in their water without their tails being curved
And the hornbills were in cages alone each as a single bird and did not seem happy

I didn’t explore any further so have no idea about the tigers

I know it’s not easy to have a good zoo, but this one needs more space given to some creatures … maybe reduce the varieties of the birds of prey so they have more room.

Sadly, this is not a place I’d recommend.





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2 thoughts on “A rare bad review”

  1. Where is Bintulu? Where is this place? I am glad you have recorded your visit here. There must be an Animal Welfare Agency somewhere in that region? The more that people feel upset about the situation then the zoo has to make changes. Basically the place is exploiting animals for profit.
    It was a kiwi who started the change in attitude about dancing bears. Are you aware of this? He was travelling through Europe and was disgusted with the conditions of the dancing bears. So educated people and the rest is history. I will pass this page on to other Animal Welfare Agencies and see what can be done.


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