Off to Ireland? here’s the best of the best road road trip tips


Ok … now I want to return to Ireland with this book under my arm.

It’s been many years since I visited the emerald isle and this book will make my next one even better. With three clear sections (Plan your Trip; On the Road; Road Trip Essentials) these 34 road trips will help you (me) pick the right route and get around easily with the clear maps and, even better, it shows detours, local walking tracks and ways to link the routes.

So whether searching for ancestors, history or have some Craic this Lonely Planet  book is for you.

Craic means having fun, having a good time, while saying ‘what’s the craic’ is like saying ‘what’s up?

The trip suggestions range from a 2-day escape through to a week-long adventure: of course you could do them all and spend ages on this wonderful island!

The book also has the Irish road rules, many which are similar to New Zealand – drive on the left – but children under 12 are not allowed in the front seats and while some motorways allow 120k the speed limits change often over the island so be on the lookout for speed road signs.

So whether you choose a ‘classic trip’ to take in the well-known and much-loved sights or want to concentrate on a small region and really get to know the area, this book has it all – including accommodation, ancient monuments, traditional music, and good food ideas.

Italy: 38 road trips planned for you!

Lonely Planet has just released its first European guidebooks for its successful Best Trips series, with the publication of France’s Best Trips, Ireland’s Best Trips and Italy’s Best Trips which has 38 road trips planned for you.  

These Best Trips are ideal for travellers who want to explore a specific region by car and each guide is packed with more than 30 road trips; inspirational trip ideas; exciting regional detours; and detailed directions and map – including a pull-out map.

I have a copy of Italy’s Best Trips and am sure we would have discovered more had I had this when exploring the non-tourist area I stayed in a few years ago, on my last trip. (We stayed near Fabro Scalo in the hilltop hamlet of Carnaiola, Umbria.

Many travellers restrict themselves to Italy’s star cities, but with a car you’ll discover there’s more to the country than Michelangelo masterpieces and Roman ruins. The 38 trips in Italy’s Best Trips run the length of the country, from the northern Alps to southern Sicily, and cover a range of experiences.

On my travel bucket list would be Route# 35: the Sicilian Island Hop which starts at Mt Etna and ends at Salina and which it seems has jaw-dropping views and homes that climb the hill side … ‘steeply stacked” is how the book describes them.

Of course I also want to add Historic Sardinia (#38) to my bucket list with its ‘isolated towns known for feuding and bandits’.

So, if you are heading for Italy (or elsewhere) check out this latest offering from Lonely Planet.

My copy will be available for viewing (to dream over  before you buy your own) while you have real coffee at Caffe Italiano – in the Plaza, 719 Whangaparaoa Rd. (NZ of course)

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