sad photo after earthquake

A shag dries its wings
Some may find it strange that this is one of my saddest photos after the Christchurch earthquake ( the February 22nd 2011  aftershock which did more damage than the original sept one – see more quake Shag Rock information here).
It’s sad for 2 reasons. 1) Shag Rock  has been a background to my life and it’s always sad to lose connections. 2)And,  while I’m also really sad to lose much-loved buildings, we can rebuild them (albeit differently) we can’t  reproduce nature.
I heard it called being called shag stump: although that sounds disparaging it’s at least a nod to its past, and part of the black humour that’s happening in my quake-shaken city – but there will be less shags landing there!
post-quake Shag Rock, Sumner, Christchurch
Pre quake Shag Rock

Shag Rock succumbs to the Pacific Ring of Fire

Shag Rock,  an 11-metre,  iconic Christchurch feature,  succumbs to the strength of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Here are a couple of photos of the rock before the 22 February, 20 seconds aftershock, or quake, cut it in half.

Every Christchurch child has played and swum here
Shag Rock from the other side