Turtles studied and protected in National Marine Park, Malaysia

I arrive on an island (Talang-Talang) to see where turtles are being studied and protected in the Tanjung Datu National Park,  Sarawak. Malaysia.

This is just a heads up to let you know I will write this story within the next 24 hours … it was a very special two days and included watching turtles laying eggs and releasing babies that hatched that evening.

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The kiwitravelwriter, (Heather Hapeta) arrives on Talang-Taland Island, Sarwawak, Malaysian Borneo. photo by Gustino from Sarawak Tourism Board, who hotested me)
The kiwitravelwriter, (Heather Hapeta) arrives on Talang-Talang Island, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Photo by Gustino, from the Sarawak Tourism Board who hosted me.